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SuperHuman Hypnosis, located in Kingston, MA, offers live and recorded hypnosis and meditation sessions

~ having or showing exceptional ability or powers

~ the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.

SuperHuman? So, it’s a little over-the-top? Maybe. But why not?

If you’ve lived your whole life with a significant power you never knew you had; and suddenly you discover that power and begin to use it, becoming more and more powerful with it; wouldn’t that feel kind of SuperHuman? I think so. That’s how it feels to me. Because discovering this power and getting really good at using it has changed my life.

SuperHuman Healing – the power to self-heal. And we all have it.

The human being is self-healing. Cuts heal. A great example. But what about lingering emotional pain, anxiety, chronic pain. These are areas where I’ve seen my clients have the most frustrating lack of healing. Traditional medicine, natural and holistic care all offer much relief, but symptoms often reappear, transform and move to a new body location. Why does this happen? In many cases the cause is “Sympathetic Symptoms”. These are symptoms which arise suddenly. One moment you’re fine, the next you’re having negative thoughts, anxiety reaction, fatigue, physical pain. Sympathetic Symptoms often become chronic.

Understanding why and how Sympathetic Symptoms happen is the first step in realizing your SuperHuman Healing Power to overcome negative thought patterns, anxiety, emotional pain, physical pain, and more. It first requires having a basic (super basic lol) understanding of Universal Energy (UE) and the Human Energy System.

Universal Energy

~ Energy is vibration. High vibration energy is beneficial, low vibration energy is detrimental. The highest vibration energy is Life Force (White Light/pure Love). The lowest vibration energy is fear. All other energy is leveled in between.

~ Energy is boundless. Think of Universal Energy like oxygen. We are all sharing oxygen and we all have a system for processing that oxygen. In the same, we are all sharing Universal Energy and we all have a system for processing that energy. Every living thing is by its nature, energetically empathic. In order to be living, we must constantly absorb and release Universal Energy. We are all swimming in a Universal pool of Universal Energy!

This is really important to understand because as we share Universal Energy with every living thing we also potentially share everything that is energetic within their personal being and vice versa.

For example, we observe pure joy (giggling baby, playful puppy) we absorb that High Vibration Energy and feel happy. An adorable Facebook video can be instantly uplifting. But the reverse – we observe fear, anger, grief. We can absorb that Low Vibration Energy and feel it.

A Sudden negative thought, anxiety, fatigue, pain that wasn’t there a few minutes earlier is more often than not a Sympathetic Symptom caused by Low Vibration energy which you have absorbed. When we notice a Sympathetic Symptom our immediate tendency is to find a logical reason for what we are suddenly experiencing. This results in our “owning” the symptom. Thereby Sympathetic Symptoms can easily become chronic symptoms which we then attempt to manage through medicine, therapies, etc.

Human Energy System –

*Soul (spiritual energy)
*Thought (mental energy)
*Feeling (emotional energy)
*Sensation (physical energy)
* Chakras. Energy vortices which draw in and release energy. I refer to the Chakras as the “Lungs of the energy system”.
Each Chakra nourishes specific spiritual, mental, emotional and physical properties of our being. The Chakras also dispel LVE out of our body and EF. Chakras commonly have blocks, which are connected to our challenges. Chakras are a whole other article! Google for specifics on Chakras
* Energy field. Our unique energy vibration which surrounds our physical body. Universal Energy comes into contact with our Energy Field and is either kept out or absorbed in. If absorbed in then it is processed through the Chakras and manifests into the physical reality (thoughts, emotions, body, life situations).

A strong Energy Field will absorb lots of High Vibration Energy, a minimal amount of Low Vibration energy and help Chakras to function optimally. Weakness in the Energy Field will allow Low Vibration Energy to be absorbed. This blocks the Chakras and impedes their function; allowing that Low Vibration Energy to manifest in physical reality. Likewise, blocks and dysfunction in the Chakras cause weak spots in the Energy Field. The Chakras and Energy Field are mutually reliant.

So how does this all fit together?

In this scenario the absorbed Low Vibration Energy is in bold.

Sue wakes up feeling great. It’s a day off, with plans for a massage!
She gets coffee and turns on the morning news. Within minutes she notices stiffness in her upper back. A few minutes more and this develops into pain between her shoulder blades.

Sue thinks “I must have overdone it yesterday at the gym, I’m probably dehydrated” She drinks water, eats a banana & stretches. The pain lessens but doesn’t stop.

Next her mom calls. Mom talks about her hip pain, worry over upcoming hip replacement surgery and how she misses Sue’s father (deceased 6 months). Now Sue’s heart starts racing, her throat constricts, her neck hurts.

Uh oh – her anxiety symptoms are kicking in. This seems to happen almost every time Mom calls. Sue wishes she could talk about her own grief, but she’s too worried about Mom to open up to her.

Sue practices some breathing exercises and symptoms gradually subside but don’t stop. She’s really glad for her massage today because she doesn’t want to take an anxiety pill.

As she gets out of the car at the Healing Center, Sue notices her low back is sore. “Ugh I’m getting so old, everything hurts!”

The massage therapist gives her a wonderful massage with Reiki. Sue feels great again!

But later that night the pain comes back. She takes ibuprofen and goes to sleep. At 4 AM Sue wakes up from a sound sleep. As she looks at the clock in dismay Sue wonders why this keeps happening every night. She’s uncomfortable, anxious and unable to fall back to sleep.

What happened . . .
Sue woke up feeling great but soon felt horrible from absorbing LVE in the following ways:
1) The Morning News * – Story of a family man’s tragic death.
Grief & loss were absorbed through weak spots/blocks in Sue’s Energy Field and Heart Chakra (Love center) and manifested as pain between her shoulder blades. She owned the symptom with the thought “I must have overdid it at the gym”.

2) Mom‘s call – Worry & grief absorbed through weak spots/blocks in Sue‘s Energy Field and Heart Chakra (Love center) and Throat Chakra (self expression center). The Low Vibration Energy manifested as sudden onset of anxiety symptoms, throat constriction and neck pain.

3) At the healing center – The low back stiffness manifested from mutual, shared blocks in Sue’s and Mom’s Sacral Chakras (relationship center) due to loss of a loved one. The thought “.I’m getting so old” allows owning of the symptom.

All of the symptoms in this story were a result of absorbed Low Vibration Energy Although they came on suddenly when she was feeling great, Sue thinks the symptoms are all hers because of subconscious memories of previous experiences with these and other symptoms.

SuperHuman Healing can show us our ability to keep our Energy Field strong, to release Chakra blocks, to stop symptoms as they arise and even to resolve chronic issues. The first step is to be diligent in our awareness of what and how we feel. As soon as a symptom suddenly arises out of nowhere – do not own it! Reflect on where it is probably coming from and disallow it.

Say “That is not my _________, I command it to leave my body now” And call on your Spiritual Support to remove it. Continue doing this and after awhile you should notice the symptom is gone.

Contact me for lots more info on this topic and specific, quick SuperHuman Healing techniques which you can easily do to increase awareness, identify and release Sympathetic Symptoms and work on healing chronic issues; using High Vibration Energy, your Spiritual Support and Hypnosis.

* News media release a tremendous amount of LVE. It is health critical to limit news media as much as is possible.

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