Congratulations on deciding to achieve your goals through hypnosis! The power of your subconscious mind is amazing, as you will soon realize!

Your hypnosis experience begins with a phone consult with myself (Diane) to discuss your goals. In this conversation, please share with me what you hope to achieve with the hypnosis. I have worked with such a large variety of situations, it would be impossible to list them all. Suffice to say that you cannot surprise me with any issue that I have not heard of and probably worked with!

Depending upon the issue you are dealing with – the next step may be an email process. If so, I will ask you to email me a more detailed description of the changes you wish to achieve through the hypnosis. In general, I am looking for information on what thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors you want to stop experiencing – and what thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors you would like to be experiencing instead. I will email you back questions for clarification. This exchange may go back and forth a couple of times. Your hypnosis session will be created from this information in order that it be extremely detailed and unique to your specific needs. This is what makes it so incredibly effective. You will find that this writing to me piece is a big part of your healing!

When you come in for your session we will talk some more and I will further explain the process and answer any and all questions you may have. This way we can be sure that you are totally comfortable and at ease before we begin the hypnosis. By the time we are ready to begin you should feel super excited and happy to be using this amazing process!

Your actual hypnosis session will be recorded for you to use at home for reinforcement. Along with any other of the great tools and tips I may suggest for you to assure your success. I look forward to helping guide you in your journey toward more inner peace, comfort and ease in your life!

Call Diane at Natural Body Works Healing Center for your free consultation and to schedule your session. 781-585-5130