Quick Clearing Technique CD and MP3



Quick Clearing Technique

Human Beings are a combination system. We have a physical body and live in the physical plane of our earth. We also have an energy body and live in the energetic plane of our universe. Physical body is comprised of various systems which are reliant on the oxygen we breathe and share with all other living things. Energy body is comprised of soul, energy field, chakras, thought, emotion, and is reliant on Universal Energy (UE), which we share with all other living things. As we live within and share UE, we also share our personal energetic aspects. The energy of our beneficial and detrimental thought, emotion, and physical sensation is processed in and out of our energy body and shared with others continuously. As we share energy with others, we may absorb their thoughts, emotions, and even physical sensations ~ and believe those energies to be our own. holding onto other’s energy within our personal energy body can cause uncomfortable symptoms which often become chronic.

Quick Clearing Technique is a method which helps you clear your thoughts, emotions, and physical body from energy you have absorbed. This method is easy and effective. Do not listen to this recording while driving or operating any sort of machinery.


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